Does increase in mass of an object have any effect on its speed ?

Asked by CHAYAN DASHORA | 16th Oct, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
Lets talk about only for speeds very less than speed of light.
In such a case for a given motion, under the absoence of any external resistive force, the momentum of the body has to remain constant. in such a case, if the mass of the body increases, then its speed has to decrease, following the law of conservation of momentum.
In case of relativistic speed, that is, for a mass miving with speeds of the order of speed of light:

Mass Really Does Increase with Speed

In modern particle accelerators very powerful electric fields are used to accelerate electrons, protons and other particles.  It is found in practice that these particles become heavier and heavier as the speed of light is approached, and hence need greater and greater forces for further acceleration.  Consequently, the speed of light is a natural absolute speed limit.  Particles are accelerated to speeds where their mass is thousands of times greater than their mass measured at rest, usually called the “rest mass".
We hope that clarifies your doubt.

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