Does Anne consider her family lucky or unfortunate to be living in the manner they lived in the Annex? 10 marks

Asked by tultuldutta58 | 13th Jul, 2017, 04:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Anne Frank had contradictory feelings regarding her family's stay in the Annex. Anne Frank had contradictory feelings regarding her family's stay in the Annex. She clearly understands the dire need for such a disappearance from the Germans and considers her family lucky enough to have a hiding place as compared to others. Outside, people were dragged on to the concentration camp and tortured all hours of the day. The war brought its own share of savagery and gloom. Anne Frank was happy that her family didn't have to go through all that and was content in the Annex with enough food, clothes and furniture. She holds in high regards her father’s non-Jewish colleagues who risk their lives to provide them with food and supplies.

Despite all these, the people in the Annex face some problems which Anne Frank highlights in her diary. They are forced to keep the windows curtained so that they are not spotted by the Nazis. They aren’t allowed to make any sound while walking on the floor lest the people working downstairs figure out that people are hiding in the attic. Though, the atmosphere in the secret annex is very pleasant in the beginning, conflicts between the two families arise because of the oppressive nature of the hiding place. The inmates of the annex often quarrel among themselves owing to their individual personalities leading to clashes of opinions. Anne Frank, also, got criticized for her behavior, personality and manners. As a result, she found all these barbaric.

Answered by Athira | 15th Jul, 2017, 01:36: PM

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