Distinguish between resistivity and resistance. (in atleast 3 points)

Asked by kumar.ashlesha | 6th May, 2015, 06:20: PM

Expert Answer:


1.Resistance is the property of a conductor due to which it opposes the flow of current through it.
2.Resistance of a conductor depends upon the length of the conductor, thickness of the conductor,nature of the material of the conductor and temperature of the conductor. i.e resistance depends upon the dimensions.
3.Unit of resistance is ohm(Ω)

1. Resistivity of a substance is the resistance of a rod of that substance of unit length and unit cross-section.
2. Resistivity of a substance does not depend on its length or thickness. It depends only on the nature of substance and temperature.
3. Unit of resistivity is ohm-meter (Ω m)

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 7th May, 2015, 08:57: AM

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