Distinguish between meristematic tissue and permanent tissue

Asked by sheikhsobia63490 | 4th Oct, 2018, 12:09: PM

Expert Answer:

Differences between meristematic tissue and permanent tissue:

Meristematic tissue

Permanent tissue

  • Cells are small, spherical or polygonal and undifferentiated.
  • Cells are large and differentiated.
  • Vacuoles are nearly absent.
  • Large central vacuole present.
  • Intercellular spaces are absent.
  • Intercellular spaces are often present.
  • Cell wall of cells is thin and elastic.
  • Cell wall of cells is thin or thick.
  • Nucleus is large and prominent.
  • Nucleus is less conspicuous.
  • Cells are living.
  • Cells may be living or dead.
  • Provides growth to the plant.
  • Provides protection, support, conduction, photosynthesis, and storage for the plant.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Oct, 2018, 12:47: PM

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