Distinguish between acids and bases on the basis of their physical properties?

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Expert Answer:

Physical Property


Non - metals

Physical state

They are generally solids.

Exception: Mercury is a liquid

They are either solids or gases. Exception: Bromine is a liquid


They have a shiny lustre which is called metallic lustre

They do not have a shiny lustre

Exception – graphite, iodine


They generally produce a sound on striking a hard surface

They are non - sonorous


Some metals can be beaten into thin sheets.

Most malleable gold and silver

Non – metals are not malleable


The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wires is called ductility

Gold is the most ductile metal

Exception: Lead, sodium or potassium


Non – metals are not ductile

Electrical conductivity

They are good conductors of electricity

Best conductors: Silver and copper.


Non- metals are generally poor conductors of electricity

Exception: Graphite

Thermal conductivity

They are good conductors of heat

Best conductors: Silver and


Poor conductors : Lead and mercury

They are poor conductors of heat



They are generally hard

Exception – alkali metals like sodium, potassium

They are generally soft

Exception : Diamond is the hardest substance known

Melting point

They generally have high melting points

Exception – gallium , alkali metals like sodium, potassium

Gallium and caesium will melt if you keep them on your palm

They generally have low melting points


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