distinguish between acid and bases on basis their physical properties

Asked by pooja | 18th Jul, 2013, 08:33: PM

Expert Answer:

produce a piercing pain in a wound. give a slippery feel.
taste sour. taste bitter.
are colorless when placed in phenolphthalein (an indicator). are pink when placed in phenolphthalein (an indicator).
are red on blue litmus paper (a pH indicator). are blue on red litmus paper (a pH indicator).
have a pH<7. have a pH>7.
produce hydrogen gas when reacted with metals.  
produce carbon dioxide when reacted with carbonates.  
Can be solids, liquids or gaseous. Examples: Lemons, oranges, vinegar, hyrdrochoric acid

 Examples: Soap, toothpaste, limewater, ammonia water, sodium hydroxide.


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