Discuss the various methods which are used to control plant diseases .

Asked by jeffladebo | 12th May, 2015, 04:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Chemical Control:
  • Chemicals which control pests such as insects and mites are called pesticides.
  • Pesticides used to kill insects are called insecticides.
  • Bordeaux mixture can be spread on plants to kill fungal diseases.
  • A natural insecticide extracted from neem is useful in controlling pests without any harm to crops and soil.

Biological Control:

  • Animals which control pests are reared and released in the farm.
  • Adults and larvae of ladybird beetles feed on aphids and their eggs.
  • Syrphid fly larvae feed on aphids.
  • Ground beetle larvae feed on caterpillars of gypsy moth.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 13th May, 2015, 08:08: AM

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