Discoverer of Mg???

Asked by Sourav Sett | 8th Dec, 2013, 06:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Two people are to be credited magnesium discovery.

Joseph Black: In 1755, Joseph Black of Scotland carried out a number of quantitative experiments and found that magnesia alba (magnesium carbonate), a mild alkali happened to lose weight on heating. He found that magnesia (MgO) was a compound of magnesium and also that magnesia was different from calcium carbonate. Thus, it was Joseph Black who was the first to identify magnesium as an element. 

Sir Humpry Davy:
However, the first isolation of magnesium was done in 1808 by a British chemist, Sir Humpry Davy, who isolated the element from magnesium oxide and mercuric oxide. Davy used electrolysis technique on the mixture of mercury and magnesium, and then heated the amalgam in a glass tube to disposed off the mercury and get magnesium. 

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 9th Dec, 2013, 10:15: AM

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