Direction of beam??

Asked by sonali221994 | 23rd Nov, 2009, 07:37: PM

Expert Answer:

If we draw an arrow, to represent the velocity of the electron beam, it'll point in the North direction. And the magnetic field in the vertically downward direction.

The electron's will be deflected due the deflecting force due to magnetic field, whose direction can be found from the right hand rule.

Stretch out the fingers of the right hand in the direction of velocity, i.e. in the north direction in this case. Now curl them towards the magnetic field direction which is downward. The direction of thumb gives the direction of deflection or the magnetic force. The thumb will point in the west direction. But since we have electons, which carry negative charge, the deflection will be in the opposite direction.

Hence the electron beam will be deflected in the EAST direction.




Answered by  | 24th Nov, 2009, 04:35: PM

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