differentiate between the functions of live wire, neutral wire and earth wire

Asked by kanishkapanwar2424 | 11th Sep, 2015, 08:21: PM

Expert Answer:

The live is brown, the neutral is blue and the Earth wire is green or yellow.

Live wire: The live wire is also called the phase wire. The live wire is connected directly to the generators of the current supply company. The main fuse is connected to the live wire. If a fault occurs where the live wire is connected then the Earth wire allows a large current to flow through the live and Earth wires. This overheats the fuse which melts and breaks the circuit. So we should never touch this wire because if someone accidently touches this wire, he may receive an electric shock which may be fatal and can cause death.  
Neutral wire: The neutral wire completes the circuit and is the 'return' wire which connects the appliance to that terminal of the source of electric supply which is earthed. The neutral wire is at approximately 0V. The main switch is connected to the live and neutral wires.
Earth wire: The Earth wire usually carries no current. It is as a safety wire and connects the metal case of the appliance to the Earth. However, if something in the appliance goes wrong, or it is wired incorrectly, then the Earth wire may also carry the same current as the live wire.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 12th Sep, 2015, 11:00: AM