Differentiate between polar and non-polar covalent bond . Elaborate. Is there any element called LiCl, BeO or BN ? 

Asked by Betsy | 10th Nov, 2015, 03:48: PM

Expert Answer:


Non-polar covalent compound

Polar covalent compound

Shared pairs of electrons are equally distributed between the atoms.

Shared pair of electrons are unequally distributed between the atoms.

As the sharing of electrons is equal, therefore, atoms mutually attract electrons with equal force.

As the sharing of electrons is unequal, therefore, more electronegative atom attracts the electron itself.

 A non-polar covalent molecule is symmetrical and electrically neutral. No separation of charge takes place in its molecule.

A polar covalent molecule is symmetrical and is not electrically neutral. Separation of charges take place. The atom which attracts electrons more strongly towards itself gets slightly negatively charged and the other atom slightly positively charged.

LiCl and BeO are ionic compounds whereas BN is a covalent compound.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 12th Nov, 2015, 01:50: PM