Differentiate between

i.scion and stock( 2 points)

ii. Grafting and tissue culturing(2 points)

Asked by rajeskumarbardhan | 2nd Jun, 2020, 03:00: PM

Expert Answer:



A rooted stem into which a scion or a bud is grafted is called stock.

A piece of young stem or bud which is inserted into a root stock is called scion.

Stock is selected for its adaptability and resistance to diseases.

Scion is selected for good quality of fruits, flowers and resistance to diseases.



Tissue culture

Grafting is a technique where the parts are joined together by different plants to make them grow as one.

Tissue culture is the technique of vegetation propagation in which a part of root, stem, or leaf cutting are used, the separated of the organs of the parents are usually known as cutting. 

Grafting involves a stock and scion.

Tissue culture involves vegetative parts of plants.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 2nd Jun, 2020, 07:24: PM