Differentiate between chordates and non-chordates.

Asked by Sthitaprajna Mishra | 17th Feb, 2014, 08:53: PM

Expert Answer:


(i)Notochord is present

(ii)Gill slits are present

(iii)Endoskelton are present.

(iv)Haemoglobin is present in RBC

(v)Example- Fishes, Reptiles, Birds


(i)Notochord is absent

(ii)Gill slits are absent

(iii)Exo skelton are present

(iv)Haemoglobin when present is in the blood plasma

(v)Example- Platyhelminthes, Nematodes, Molluscs

Answered by  | 18th Feb, 2014, 08:33: AM

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