Differentiate between Australopithecus, Homo erectys and Cro magnon man based on posture, cranial capacity, brow ridges, locomotion and height

Asked by amrutiyavishwa | 16th Feb, 2019, 01:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Australopithecus afarensis
1.They appeared in South Africa and had human and ape features.
2.He was about 1.05 metres high and was mainly a terrestrial creature with bipedal locomotion.
3.His cranial capacity was 500 cubic centimetres
Homo erectus
1.They evolved from Homo habilisor Australopithecusabout 1.7 million years ago and their fossils have been obtained from Java, Peking and Heidelberg and Europe.
2.He was about 5.5 feet tall with a bowl-shaped pelvis. His foot was arched to support the body weight, and the grasping ability of the foot was completely lost.
3.The size of the cranial cavity ranged from 750 to 1100 cc
Homo sapiens fossilis(Cro-Magnon Man: Early Modern Man)
1.These fossils were discovered about 50,000 years ago from the caves of north-west Italy and the rock shelter caves in France.
2.The Cro-Magnon man was 1.8 metres tall with a sturdy body and less hair. The cranial capacity was about 1650 cc.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 16th Feb, 2019, 07:42: PM