differentiate between 1. ions and atoms 3 points each

Asked by Uzair Chanda | 20th Dec, 2013, 07:42: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Atoms have protons and electrons equal and Ions are Atoms where the protons and the electrons are not equal.
  • Atoms are electrically neutral and Ions would therefore be either positive or negatively charged.
  • An ion can exist independently while an Atom cannot.
  • Atoms are generally unstable while Ions are stable.
    For example, sodium metal which consists of neutral sodium atoms, bursts into flame when it get contacted with water. Neutral chlorine atoms spontaneously combine to form Cl2 molecules. Positively charged Na+1 and negatively charged Cl-1 ions are  unreactive hence we can safely take them into our bodies whenever we salt our food.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 21st Dec, 2013, 10:55: AM

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