differences between tautomerism and resonance

Asked by A R LAKSHMI | 14th Jan, 2014, 07:55: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Tautomerism involves making and breaking of a sigma as well as pi bond. While in resonance, only the electrons in pi bonds or lone- pairs n heteroatoms shift; the sigma framework is not disturbed. This difference results in a shift of an atom from one position to another in tautomerism. In resonance there is no shift of any atom.


  • Tautomerism may involve a change in hybridisation of atoms resulting in a change in shape of the molecule. In resonance there is no change in hybridisation of the geometry.


  • The two tautomeric forms exist together though the equilibrium may shift to either side with a change in condition. The tautomers have a physical reality whereas the resonance structures are imaginary.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 15th Jan, 2014, 09:46: AM

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