difference between suspention,true solution and a colloid.

Asked by sheetalrastogi | 10th Oct, 2009, 08:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Difference between true solutions, suspensions and colloids

 Property  True solutions  Colloidal solutions  Suspensions
 Particle size  Less than 10 - 7 cm  Between 10 - 5 and 10 - 7 cm Greater than           10 - 5 cm
 Visibility of particles  Invisible to naked eye not visible under powerful microscope  Invisible to naked eye. Visible under powerful microscope  Easily visible
 Sedimentation of particles  Do not settle down  Settle down under high centrifugation  Settle down due to gravity
 Filtration through filter paper  No residue is formed  No residue is formed  Residue is formed



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