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JEE Class main Answered

difference between different type of broadcasting
Asked by ojasgarg96 | 19 Feb, 2023, 10:17: AM
Expert Answer
In broadcast mode, there are a number of receivers corresponding to a single transmitter. 
There are 5 different types of broadcasting. They are as follows: 
  • Telephone broadcasting: It was used in earlier times where telephone was used as medium of broadcast. 
  • Radio broadcasting: It involves transmission of audio signal through air as radio waves from transmitter. The signal is picked up by antenna and sent to reciever. 
  • Television broadcasting: Video signals are transmitted along with audio signals from transmitter to antenna and finally to television. 
  • Satellite broadcasting: This is used for direct to home broadcasting. It offers a mix of traditional radio or television station broadcast programming or both. 
  • Webcasting: It is broadcasting method of live or delayed audio visual information through internet. 
Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 19 Feb, 2023, 12:42: PM
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