Difference b/w hard and soft water?

Asked by RACHIT_MAHAAN | 8th Aug, 2010, 02:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Hard water

Soft water

Presence of calcium and magnesium salts in the form of hydrogencarbonate, chloride and sulphate in water makes water ‘hard’.


Water free from soluble salts of calcium and magnesium is called soft water.

Hard water does not give lather with soap.

It gives lather with soap easily.

Hard water forms scum/precipitate with soap.

Soft water does not form scum/precipitate with soap.

It is unsuitable for laundry.


It is suitable for laundry.

It is harmful for boilers as well, because of deposition of salts in the form of scale.

It is not harmful for boilers.



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