difference b/w galactose and glucose and their uses ?

Asked by Upendra Ks | 15th Dec, 2013, 12:12: PM

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Molecular formula



Molar mass

180.16 g mol−1

180.156 g mol−1


Juices, fruits, sugars, etc.

Gums, sugar beets, dairy products, gums and mucilages.

Melting point

α-D-glucose: 146 °C

β-D-glucose: 150 °C

167 °Breal

Break down

Glucose is broken down in the body and then used as body fuel and energy.

Galactose cannot be easily broken down.




Structure Description

Glucose can exist in both open and cyclic form.

It has five hydroxyl groups that are arranged in a specific way along the six-carbon backbone.

Galactose can exist in both open chain and cyclic form.

In the open chain form, galactose has as a carbonyl at the end of the chain. It has four isomers.


Glucose is used as an energy fuel and a source of energy.

Galactose is used to lose and maintain weight, they are useful in warding off adult-onset diabetes, they provide energy, and they provide the basis for products for athletes which allow them to perform better and longer.

Answered by Karishma Kapoor | 16th Dec, 2013, 12:38: PM

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