difference b/w defects

Asked by Prashant Malik | 22nd Nov, 2013, 10:41: PM

Expert Answer:

Point defect:

When the deviations or irregularities exist from the ideal arrangement around a point or an atom in a crystalline substance, the defect is called point defect.

 Line defect:

When the deviation from the ideal arrangement exists in the entire row of lattice points, the defect is called line defect.


Dislocations are  type of defect in crystals. Dislocations are areas where the atoms are out of position in the crystal structure. Dislocations are generated and move when a stress is applied.

 Planar defects:

Planar defects are interfaces between homogeneous regions of the material. Planar defects include grain boundaries, stacking faults and external surfaces.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 25th Nov, 2013, 11:16: AM

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