diffenrence between ultraviolet and infrared wave 
did i say that they both are same because are light afterall soo why they are diffrent 

Asked by saggugurupal | 31st Aug, 2016, 03:50: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, but the difference in the wavelength. 
The frequency range of infrared waves is from 3×1011 Hz to 4×1014 Hz. Infrared waves are sometimes known as heat waves too. They produced by hot bodies and molecules. They cannot be detected by human eyes.
The frequency range of ultraviolet waves is from 8×1014 Hz to 5×1016 Hz.These waves are produced by the Sun, special lamps and very hot bodies. The UV rays in large quantites produce harmfull effect on human eyes.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 1st Sep, 2016, 03:18: PM