dialogue writing
a fireworks saleman comes to my house . he says that his company has produced fireworks that are accident proof!! use your imagination to write a interesting conservationin which he describes features of his product
pls answer the question fast

Asked by SATYEN | 13th Apr, 2017, 09:06: PM

Expert Answer:

We do not provide tailor-made answers. But, you could use the following points coupled with your imagination to write the conversation.

Someone knocks at your door and on opening the door you find a smartly dressed man with a basket in his hands.

The basket contains different fire crackers and you are really wondering what could be different.

The man explains that these are accident proof fireworks.

You are surprised and don’t believe him.

Then he requests you and your mom to allow him inside the house or at least in the backyard so that he can demonstrate.

He opens up a pack of sparkles and lightens one stick. As the crackling sparkle comes to the end, an umbrella-like something opens and covers his hands, thereby reducing the risk of him injuring his hand.

Next, he lights a cluster of shots that burst into colourful sparkles high up in the air. At the same time, a shower of water escapes out of the lower part of the box of shots. He then explains that the water will keep drizzling around and avoid accidents.

Finally, he lights ‘anar’ and explains that often, the pods flip and can cause serious accidents. He then explains a mechanism of the anar that does not allow it to flip. Also, even if it flips, there is a water balloon that will burst and immediately extinguish the firework. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 16th Apr, 2017, 05:21: PM

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