Detritivores help in the process of decompsition which is one of the components of the functional ecosystem. Explain what happens to the detritus during the process.

Asked by pksunilnair | 24th Mar, 2018, 04:58: PM

Expert Answer:

The raw materials like dead plants and animals and their remains are known as detritus. These detritus are then processed by several microbes called saprophytes which lead to their breakdown.
Earthworms are examples of detritivores, or organisms that consume detritus for energy. After larger particles are broken down, microorganisms further the decomposition process by secreting chemicals that digest organic material in detritus. The most prominent organisms that do this are bacteria and fungi. Bacteria and fungi that thrive in soil and feed upon dead organic matter are called saprophytes. Detritivores and saprophytes are essential in the recycling and disintegration processes of decomposition. The partially digested organic material left in soil, called humus, is then available for plants to use.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 24th Mar, 2018, 06:51: PM