Describe two methods of irrigation which conserve water.

Asked by Manas123 | 16th Jul, 2008, 04:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Rain water harvesting and watershed management are irrigation methods which conserve water.

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing of rainwater. The method consists of catchments, gutters and conduits to collect and transport rainwater to the storage tank, first flush device, filters, a storage tank to store the water and piping (to guide the water in). Additionally, extra pressuring equipment as pressure vessels, or pressure sensitive pumps may also be required. Finally, water purifying equipment as water-purifying plants, UV-lights or distillation equipment are sometimes added to purify the collected water.

Watershed management is the management of the natural resources of a drainage basin for the production and protection of water supplies and water-based resources. Here, the land, vegetation, & water resources of a drainage basin are protected, developed and maintained so that all its resources can be conserved for the benefit of its residents.

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