Describe the types of water pollution

Asked by mkmishra101 | 21st Jan, 2016, 06:25: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Sewage pollution- 
  • It consists of kitchen, toilet and other household waste water.
  • In cities and industrial areas, the sewage is released in lakes and rivers.
  • Organisms present in water compete with aquatic life for the utilisation of oxygen.

2. Industrial waste pollution-

  • This water consists of many dissolved chemicals.
  • Fish processing units located near the sea coast release many toxic substances into the sea.

3. Oil spillage

  • It is the accidental discharge of petroleum in oceans or estuaries.
  • The sources of oil spills are overturned oil tankers, offshore oil mining and oil refineries.
  • Oil spills kill a lot of marine life.

4. Thermal Pollution

  • Hot water released by thermal power stations brings about temperature fluctuations in water bodies.
  • Aquatic animals cannot adapt to these temperature fluctuations which lead to their death.

5. Chemical pollution-

  • Nitrates, phosphates and other chemicals used in pest and weed control are washed into rivers, lakes and ultimately into oceans.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 22nd Jan, 2016, 08:15: AM