describe the struggle of Tawa Matsya Sangh

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Tawa Matsya Sangha (TMS) was formed when the Tawa dam was built on the River Tawa. The River Tawa originates in the Mahadeo hills of the Chindwara District of
Madhya Pradesh. The river joins River Narmada in Hoshangabad.
  • The building of the dam submerged vast stretches of forest land. The forest dwellers after being displaced moved to various places. Some of them settled near the dam and besides cultivating small pieces of land, they also caught fishes. Their earnings however were meager.
  • In 1994, the government gave the right to fishing in the Tawa Reservoir to private contractors. These contractors hired cheap labourers from outside and forced the people of the nearby villages to leave the area.
  • In order to protect their interests, the people of the village formed an organisation, the Tawa Matsya Sangha which organised rallies and blocked the roads demanding their rights to fish in the Tawa Dam.
  • After these protests, the government created a committee to assess the situation. The committee recommended that the villagers should be allowed to fish in the reservoir. As a result, the government granted the fishing rights to the local people. A five year lease agreement was signed for this purpose.
  • The earnings of the fish workers increased substantially because the TMS also set up a cooperative which bought the fishes from the workers at a fair price.
  • The TMS also gave loans to the fishermen for the purchase and repair of fishing nets. TMS thus made fishermen self sufficient and self reliant.

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