Describe the process of respiration in human beings.Clearly

Asked by Shivraj Raghu | 1st May, 2013, 06:29: PM

Expert Answer:

we take in air through our nostrils. When we inhale air, it passes through our nostrils into the nasal cavity. From the nasal cavity, the air reaches our lungs through the windpipe. Lungs are present in the chest cavity which is surrounded by ribs on both the sides. A large, muscular sheet called diaphragm forms the floor of the chest cavity.
Breathing involves the movement of diaphragm and the rib cage.
During inhalation, ribs move up and outwards and diaphragm moves down. This movement increases space in our chest cavity and air rushes into the lungs. The lungs get filled with air. During exhalation, ribs move down and inwards, while diaphragm moves up to its former position. This reduces the size of the chest cavity and air is pushed out of the lungs .

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