describe the incident when helen was to be burnt up.
describe the episode of when a crab taught helen a lesson.(the story of my life by helen keller)

Asked by Rajeev | 18th Sep, 2014, 08:59: AM

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One day Helen Keller happened to spill water on her apron. She innocently spread it out to dry before the fire. The apron didn’t dry quickly much to Helen’s annoyance and she kept inching towards the fire. The fire suddenly blazed out and it encircled her. Her clothes caught fire and she screamed in terror. Her old nurse Viny came to her rescue. She threw a blanket over Helen and smothered the fire. Luckily for Helen, only her hands and hair were burnt by the fire.

One day at Cape Cod, Miss Sullivan introduced Helen Keller to a horseshoe crab. Helen was extremely amused by the experience and was determined to make the crab her pet. So fascinated was she by the creature that she dragged it for half-a-mile singlehandedly with all her might. She made provision for the crab in a trough inside a well. She was convince that the crab will be safe there. Much to Helen’s disappointment, the crab was nowhere to be seen the next day. Although she was upset at first, Helen realized that it wasn’t a very wise thing to take the creature away from its element. The thought that it may have returned to the sea gave her a sense of happiness.

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 18th Sep, 2014, 07:08: PM

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