describe the different steps involved in metallurgy. explain each steps briefly.

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First is the Enrichment of the ore: 


Most of the ores occur in nature as big rocks. Before the ore is actually subjected to metallurgical processes we need to ground it to powder form with the help of rollers and stamp mills.

From these powdered ores we remove the impurities. This process of removal of gangue to increase the concentration of ores is known as ore dressing or Enrichment of ores and forms the basic step in metallurgy.

Second is the Extraction of the metal from ore which further includes:

Conversion of ore into oxide form : 


To obtain these metals first we need to convert these ores in to the oxide form which is done either by heating these ores in air by Roasting  or heating in absrnce of air called calcination 

Reduction of oxide forms: It refers to removal of oxygen either simply by heating or with the help of reducing agent such as carbon

 Finally, the purification of impure metal is done.
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