Describe the changes in that takes place in flower after pollination??

Asked by Dhruv Sharma | 27th Feb, 2015, 09:22: PM

Expert Answer:

After pollination, fertilisation takes place. 

1. In plants it is a double fertilisation in which two sperm cells fertilize cells in the plant ovary.

2. The process begins when a pollen grain sticks to the stigma of the pistil which germinates, and grows a long pollentube. This cell divides by mitosis into two haploid sperm cells.

3. As the pollen tube grows, it makes its way from the stigma, down the style and into the ovary. One sperm makes its way to fertilize the egg cell, producing a diploid (2n) zygote. The second sperm cell fuses with two cell nuclei, producing a triploid (3n) cell.

4. The ovary develops into a fruit and the ovule develops into seed.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 1st Mar, 2015, 11:12: PM