Describe the cell arrangement of embryo sac. Draw required diagram.

Asked by subhajit.690 | 14th Nov, 2016, 10:18: PM

Expert Answer:

The arrangement of embryo sac is as follows:
1. Synergids
(i)These cells possess a micropylar nucleus and a chalazal vacuole.
(ii)They are characterised by the presence of a filiform apparatus.
(iii)They secrete some chemotropic substances and direct the growth of the pollen tube inside the embryo sac.
2. Egg
(i)It has a thicker wall at the micropylar end.
(ii)It has a micropylar vacuole and a chalazal nucleus.
(iii)The egg is connected to the synergids through plasmodesmata.
3. Antipodals
(i)These are vegetative cells of the embryo sac.
(ii)There are three antipodals in most plants.
4. Central cell
(i)It initially contains two polar nuclei which fuse just before fertilisation to form a secondary nucleus or definitive nucleus (2n).

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 15th Nov, 2016, 08:24: AM