Describe Elizabeth Barrett Browning's position as a woman poet. Do you agree with the poet's notion of  love in the poem "If Thou Must Love Me"? Give reasons for your answer. (In 300-400 words)

Asked by mahapatramamata76 | 3rd May, 2016, 03:13: PM

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a nineteenth-century Victorian woman poet. She published her first major collection The Seraphim and Other Poems, in 1838. After marrying poet Robert Browning, they moved to Italy where she released Sonnets From the Portuguese in 1850. Despite health issues, Barrett lived her literary life to the fullest. She was very popular in the United Kingdom and America during her lifetime. In her biography, she has been described as the most philosophical poet.

Yes, I agree with the poet’s notion of love in the poem If Thou Must Love Me. In this sonnet, the poetess asks her lover to love her not for the sake of love, but truthfully and unconditionally. She has tried to explain that appearances will change and so will all outward countenances. However, what will remain is the everlasting character of love. The poet desires the love to reach a kingdom of limitless, blissful passion.  

Answered by Snehal Naik | 3rd May, 2016, 05:29: PM

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