Describe an experiment to show that a gas expands on being heated and contracts on cooling.

Asked by vijay_236_237 | 4th Apr, 2015, 05:16: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Take an empty flask and clamp the flask in an upside-down position over a beaker of water in such a way that the glass tube dips inside the beaker.
  • Now heat the flask at the top.
  • The air in the flask expands and moves out of the flask through the tube into the beaker containing water.
  • Observe the bubbles of air inthe water.
  • Now allow the beaker to cool.
  • As the air inside the flask contracts, the water rises up the tube.
  • This proves that gas like air expands on heating and contracts on cooling.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 6th Apr, 2015, 07:25: PM