Describe an activity with the help of a digram to verify pythaforas theorem. The actiivity should be in the form which is given below -

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Expert Answer:

take a square sheet of side a+b
mark points on sides at distances a and b.
join in a way to get one  square of side a  and b each and
two rectangles of dimensions a and b.
now you can join the diagonals of the rectangles.let the length of the diagonal be c
So you have 4 right triangles of equal dimensions.
take another square of side a +b and fit these 4 triangles in it.
so you have a square of side a+b in which there are 4 right traingles of sides a and b  and one square of side c.
using this info we see that
area of square of side a+b
=area of 4 triangles + area of one square of side c
so finally we get,
To get more info on the pattern of writing this refer to NCERT math lab.

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