Describe an activity with circuit diagram for veryfying Ohm's Law.

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Expert Answer:

Set up a circuit as shown in Fig. 12.2, consisting of a nichrome wire XY of length, say 0.5
m, an ammeter, a voltmeter and four cells of 1.5 V each. (Nichrome is an alloy of nickel,
chromium, manganese, and iron metals.)
First use only one cell as the source in the
circuit. Note the reading in the ammeter I,
for the current and reading of the voltmeter
V for the potential difference across the nichrome wire XY in the circuit. Tabulate                  
them in the Table given.
???? Next connect two cells in the circuit and
note the respective readings of the ammeter
and voltmeter for the values of current
through the nichrome wire and potential
difference across the nichrome wire.
???? Repeat the above steps using three cells
and then four cells in the circuit separately.
???? Calculate the ratio of V to I for each pair of
potential difference V and current I.
???? Plot a graph between V and I, and observe the nature of the graph.

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