describe an activity to demonstrate interia of a body extend this activity to prove that interia of of a heavier body is greater than a lighter body

Asked by ambikesh singh | 17th Sep, 2013, 08:32: PM

Expert Answer:

So what happens, when you drop a baby-grand piano off the roof, is that the force of gravity has to get that piano moving, and has to overcome the inertia of the heavy piano to get it moving.  So while the piano is heavier than a golf ball, and so the force of gravity is greater on the piano than the golf ball, inertia is a lot harder to overcome with the piano.  The greater force of gravity on the piano exactly balances the greater problem of inertia, and you wind up with the piano and golf ball moving at exactly the same speed.  As a result, absolutely everything that falls will fall at the same rate — strictly speaking, everything falls with the same acceleration, about 10 meters per second squared.

Answered by  | 19th Sep, 2013, 08:31: PM

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