Derive the relation between force and acceleration. Factor on which change of momentum depends?

Asked by Harshita Harshita | 22nd Sep, 2010, 12:05: PM

Expert Answer:

The froce is defined as the rate of change of momentum of a body
OR in mathematical terms,
F= dP/dt
where P is momentum that is equal to m*v, where m is mass of the body and v is its velocity.
Putting this value, we get
F= d(mv)/dt
If the mass of the body is constant not variable then m is constant and can be taken out
F= m (dv/dt)
Now rate of change of velocity wrt time is acceleration, a
So, F = ma
Factors on which change of momentum depends is change in velocity, change in mass or applicaiton of an external force that leads to change in momentum.

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