derive the expression for heat produced due to current (I) flowing for time period (T) THROUGH RESISTOR  (R)  having potential difference  (v)  across the terminals

1)  name the relation .list all the variables   along with their SI units

2)how much heat will an instrument of 14W  produce in half an hour if it is connected to a battery of 70 W?

Asked by ajayrath7 | 25th Mar, 2019, 07:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Heat produce through the resistor = (V^2/R)×T .where T is in seconds
i) variable are Voltage or potential difference across resistance it's unit is Volt. Resistance R unit ohm(Ω)
ii)heat produce = P× t where P is power and t is time in seconds
H = 14×(30×60) = 25200 Joules

Answered by Ankit K | 25th Mar, 2019, 08:30: PM