Derive an expression for average acceleration and instantaneous accelerationfor the motion of an object in x-y plane

Asked by Tinuomrajankar | 27th Aug, 2021, 10:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Average acceleration  begin mathsize 14px style top enclose a end style = ( vf - vi ) / Δt
where vi is initial velocity at time t = tand vf is final velocity at time t = toΔt .
Instantaneous acceleration :-
when a body changes its velocity from v to (v+Δv) in a time Δt ,
then instantaneous acceleration is defined as
begin mathsize 14px style a space equals space limit as increment t rightwards arrow 0 of space fraction numerator increment v over denominator increment t end fraction end style

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 28th Aug, 2021, 07:29: AM