Demonstrate the similarity between the causes of Fascism and Nazism.

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Following points demonstrate the similarity between the causes of Fascism and Nazism:

  1. Both ideologies arose out of discontent over the Treaty of Versailles.
  2. Both Italy and Germany were facing grave economic crisis. There was widespread unemployment and decline in production in agriculture and trade.
  3. Both nations were going through a period wherein there was general disregard for the importance of democratic principles and preference for one party rule and totalitarian government.
  4. Populations in both countries feared the spread and rule of Communism.
  5. Both Italy and Germany were experiencing political instability and class conflict between the aristocrats and the common folk.
  6. Both the ideologies of Fascism and Nazism took advantage of the weakness of the League of Nations.
  7. The leadership style of Mussolini and Hitler were similar.

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