define torque in terms of forces about a fixed point under what conditions is a torque due to a given force maximum and minimum.Give examples.

Asked by HIMANSHI SHARMA | 19th Sep, 2013, 08:58: PM

Expert Answer:

In simple words, torque is a twisting or turning force. That is, a force which tends to rotate an object about a fixed axis. Torque is a vector quantity and is denoted by ?.

It is given by cross product of position vector of point of application of force (with respect to axis) and the force responsible for the turning effect.

Examples: (1) When we apply force to the pedal of the cycle, we are actually applying a torque.

(2) The rotor of the fan applies a torque to its leaves, and thus the leaves rotate.

Answered by  | 20th Sep, 2013, 02:19: PM

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