define the terms-pitch, loudness, amplitude,wave, frequency?

Asked by md.asif iqbal | 10th Dec, 2012, 08:26: PM

Expert Answer:

All these terms are related to to the wave mechanics: wave: it is the oscillating disturbance of a physical quantity which propagates through a space. there might be a medium or may not be a medium through that space. Amplitude: it is the maximum magnitude upto which a physical quantity oscillates in a wave. Eg in an electromagnetic wave, magnetic field varies between -5 Guass to + 5 Guass so its amplitude is 5 Guass Frequency: it is the reciprocal of the time period of the oscillating quantity in the simple language. so it time period of oscillation is 5 sec then its frequency would be 0.2 Hz Loudness: it is not specifically a physical term. it is related to the volume or u may say intensity of wave. pitch: same is the case with pitch. it is related more to the audio waves. it is analogous frequency.

Answered by  | 10th Dec, 2012, 08:44: PM

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