Define the property for lengths of sides of the triangle. Using it, state whether a triangle is possible with sides: 10.7 cm, 5.6 cm and 3.5 cm.

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Expert Answer:

The property of sides of triangle states that:

"Sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side."


The sides of a triangle are given as 10.7 cm, 5.6 cm, 3.5 cm

Suppose such a triangle is possible. Then the above property can be applicable. Let us check that.

10.7 + 5.6 = 16.3, which is greater than 3.5

5.6 + 3.5 = 9.1, which is less than 10.7

Thus the property is not satisfied.

Hence, the triangle is not possible.

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