Define the following terms w.r.t a prokaryotic bacterial cell.

1.Genomic DNA



4.Invagination of cell membrane



Asked by pb_ckt | 16th Apr, 2019, 09:06: PM

Expert Answer:

1. The genomic DNA is a single copy circular chromosomal DNA (in bacteria) that is about 1 to 7 million base pairs long.
2. Breaking down of the bacterial cell membrane or the cell wall by the action of enzymes, virus or osmosis.
3. Nucleoid is the space within the cell where the genetic information is found It is where transcription and replication of DNA take place.
4. Invagination consists of the folding of an area of the exterior sheet of cells towards the inside. In bacteria, it is a recognized developmental feature that develop into a complex internal system with various functions.
5. Mucilage is a thick glue substance which is largely produced as a consequence of bacteria-organic matter interactions and bacterial capsular polysaccharide synthesis.
6. The polyribosome is a structure formed when several ribosomes attach to a single-stranded mRNA to form a chain.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 17th Apr, 2019, 09:14: AM

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