define recoiling of gun and derive an expression for recoiling of the gun?

Asked by deepanshu garg | 8th Aug, 2013, 03:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Recoil velocity is the backward velocity experienced by a shooter when one shoots a bullet. Due to the recoil velocity the shooter experiences a backward jerk. The recoil velocity is the result of conservation of linear momentum of the system. In fact every projection system experiences a recoil velocity whether it is gun, crossbow, bow and arrow, rocket launchers.

Initial momentum of the system including the gun and the bullet = 0 

Final momentum of the system = momentum of the gun + momentum of the bullet = Mv+ mv 

(v/ is the recoil velocity of the gun) 

Applying conservation of linear momentum, 

0 = Mv/ + mv 

Implies, v/ = -(mv)/M

The negative sign indicates that the direction of velocity of the gun is opposite to the direction of velocity of the bullet.

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