I can't figure the answer for this question

Asked by jha.dwij1 | 15th Oct, 2015, 02:47: PM

Expert Answer:

The force required to stop a moving body is directly proportional to the mass and velocity of the body. Thus, the quantity of motion in a body depends on the mass and velocity of the body. This quantity is termed momentum.
If a motorcycle travelling with a high speed collides with an object, then the damage is more than that caused by the collision of a slow-moving truck.
Conversely, a slow-moving truck can cause more damage than a slow-moving motorcycle, as the mass of the truck is more.
The momentum p of a body is defined as the product of mass m and velocity v of the body.
 i.e., p = m × v

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 15th Oct, 2015, 03:09: PM