Define Growth. Name and explain different phases of growth with the help of growth curve.

Asked by ishtiyaqishuuu | 21st Dec, 2021, 08:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Growth is defined as a vital process which brings about an irreversible and permanent change in the shape, size, form, weight and volume of a cell, organ or whole organism, accompanied with increase in dry matter.
Phases of Growth in Plants:
 There are three phases of growth - meristematic, elongation and maturation. Tips of roots and shoots exhibit continuous growth and hence are meristematic. The cells in this region are rich in protoplasm and have large nuclei. The cells next to this region represent the elongation growth phase. In this region, there is the formation of new cell walls, vacuoles etc. The region next to the elongation phase represents the maturation phase in which the cells attain their maximal size.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 22nd Dec, 2021, 01:43: PM