define budding and spore formation in detail...?

Asked by harshita joshi | 27th Dec, 2013, 08:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Budding is an asexual reproduction that occurs in fungi like yeast and animals like hydra. In this process, the parent cell or body produces a lateral outgrowth called bud. This bud grows into a separate individual.The new organism may break off and live independently or
remain attached and live as a colony.
Spore formation is generally seen in bacteria and most fungi. A thick, tough outer coating that protects the nner cell usually surrounds spores. When released by the parent, each spore may grow into a separate individual.The spores also help in tiding over unfavourable conditions as they are covered with a thick wall.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 28th Dec, 2013, 08:14: AM

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