Define Bio-diversity.What are its components? Explain the indian scenario  with respect to bio-diversity?

Asked by Ananta Srivastava | 8th Sep, 2014, 12:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Bio diversity can be defined as the varieties of plants and animals in an eco system which though are diverse and distinct from each other are also interdependent on one another.

Entire range of variations that exists in living organisms including humans on the planet Earth are the components of bio diversity.

India has wide varieties of flora and fauna and thus has rich bio diversity. About 47,000 of flora and 81,000 of fauna are found in the country. However due to various reasons like deforestation, poaching, demand of several species of plants, animals and trees for fulfilling medical and commercial needs is leading towards the destruction of this bio diversity in India. Many species of plants like the Himalayan Yew have been endangered and some specie of animals like Cheetah in India has now become extinct. What is required is the safeguarding of the animals, plants and preservation of their habitat. This will go a long way in maintaining rich bio diversity in the country.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 9th Sep, 2014, 08:41: AM

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